Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Tyler!!!

Tyler, an Austinite, joined me for his one-year session while his mom and dad were in town to celebrate his b-day with a party at Grandma & Grandpa's house. He made the cutest little face at me when he arrived, and I knew we were going to have a great session!

With some of the best cheeks this side o' the Mississippi, he did not disappoint... just look at him! Such a little angel.

His favorite thing on earth was ripping his diaper off and running away from Mommy, resulting in the mischievous little grins you'll see. He also enjoyed snuggling her, which was just sweet as pie to watch. He is definitely a lover!

I also managed to snap a few of Mom and Dad, who were looking pretty good themselves! Mom is Amy of Crunchy Bunz, a great resource for natural parenting products like cloth diapers, nursing accessories, and more. There's even some mysterious product called a "Baby Hawk" that I'm intrigued by! She had on the cutest beaded necklace for our session, and I learned that it's "nursing beads", designed specifically for baby to play with while nursing- to keep hands out of Mommy's gorgeous red hair! Unlike most other necklaces babies try and grab, this one is made with safety in mind. Visit her site for more!

If you find anything you like, use the discount code "CARD" or 10% off!

Enjoy Tyler!


trish said...

Loving the mischievious smile....what an adorable baby!

ME! said...

he is soooooo sweet : )