Sunday, May 3, 2009

The June Ad... and a little about what I'm up to these days.

Woo hoo! Here's my latest ad that will be in the June issue of Modern Luxury's Houston Brides magazine.  I haven't blogged the rest of her bridals yet, but rest assured, you won't be disappointed!

Now that we're mentioning it, there are quite a few brides whose portraits I can't wait to blog, but I have to wait for them to get married so I don't ruin the "reveal" on the wedding day.

It's been quite a whirlwind few weeks or me... just lots going on and lots of sessions since the weather is not-so-chilly.  I did have a bit of excitement when it rained a couple of weeks ago-- we had some pretty severe flooding in my neck of the woods, and one of my weddings had to be moved at the last minute due to venue flooding and power loss-- YIKES!  The adorable couple rolled with the punches and they were able to quickly move to a new locale (the ceremony was pushed back an hour).  It certainly wasn't the wedding they had planned, but I bet it will be talked about for years to come!  I'll talk more about that one when I have the images processed and can share.

This whole week, I am out of the office at a spectacular seminar put on by the Texas Professional Photographer's Association.  In a small-ratio class, I am learning from three industry leaders-- Lori Nordstrom, Gene Higa, and Catherine Hall (be sure to check out Catherine's editorial work- it's pretty amazing)...  It's only day one, but so far I am just pleased as punch to be hanging out with these people!  They're kind of my version of rockstars, ya know?  I can't wait to dive in tomorrow morning and see what's next.  If even just a tiny bit of their awesomeness rubs off on me, I'll be ecsatic!

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Becky said...

Incredible photo Kasey! You continue to amaze me!!