Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's crazy baby birthday season! I met Drew and his mom at a recent playgroup portrait party, and she decided she'd like for Drew to have some one on one time with me for his very own session. He'll be two years old in a couple of weeks.

This silly little guy showed up at my place ready to rumble! He was all over the place with his infectious smile and laughter, making friends with Beau the cat, throwing Freddy his ball (which he enjoyed so much that his mom had to drag him away when it was time to leave).

During his 30-seconds-of-shy, he was happy to hide behind Mommy's sunglasses (which, after all, make one invisible, right?).

Thanks for all the fun, Drew! I've included a lovely portrait of his "woobie", Eeyore. Check out that last picture-- showbiz, anyone?


Lawfrog said...

How adorable is that kid! He looks like he's got lots of energy and lots of fun behind that smile.

Laura Burlton said...

These are so great, he seems to have an amazing personality and those EYES!!! Cute!