Friday, March 13, 2009

Then comes Ellie in the baby carriage...

It's always cool to follow my clients through stages in life... I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of her parents back in 2006, and was crazy-excited to head out to their house to shoot Ellie's portraits the day before her first birthday. Ellie's grandma was there as well, and it was so great to hang out with the girls (quite reminiscent of when we shot mom's bridals!) and catch up.

You'll notice that Ellie is... well... indescribably cute. Really. As I was editing these pictures, I was thinking, hmm... how can I get them to let me borrow her? Those eyes! Those silly little cheeks! Those pigtails! She's so sweet... like a human cupcake.

She put up with us well, and gave me a wide array of expressions to capture. We got belly laughs, verge-of-crying pouts, and that "confused/concerned baby" look, among others-- but I know you really don't want to hear about it, you want to see it. Here you go!

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