Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jessica & Robert

Jessica and Robert were married in a small, intimate ceremony at a Vargo's on a beautiful windy day! The peacocks were out in full force, wailing it up all throughout the ceremony and peeking through the windows at the reception... they were even so gracious as to join in the fun when we did the couple's portraits afterward in the gardens (it didn't hurt that the groom decided to try and "feed" them a flower petal to get them to come closer-- I was just happy there were no disgruntled-peacock attacks once they discovered that it was indeed not food... hehehe).

After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds joined their friends and family for a dinner reception, where the wine and tears flowed as everyone toasted Jessica and Robert's new beginning. This was certainly a sentimental bunch! Fear not, they knew how to cut a rug-- there was much fun and dancing to be had as they partied on into the night.

Many thanks to Kelly Balfour of Eventology weddings not only for the referral of this sweet couple, but for her great work on the wedding day!

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