Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alma & Stevan

Alma & Stevan... cute cute cute, fun, did I mention cute? And just a barrel of fun : )

This couple was married at The Gallery, a venue that's relatively new to the Houston area and very conveniently located near Fountainview and 59. It was a very windy day-- not uncommon for this time of year in Houston, but so crazy windy that poor Alma's handmade-by-her-grandmother veil blew clean off her head in the middle of the (outdoor) ceremony! I've seen windy before, but this one took the cake... uh, or veil. The coordinator had to go chase the veil down in the parking lot, but it was indeed successfully retrieved.

The timeline worked out well, to where I had some alone-time with Alma & Stevan just after sunset. The Gallery has these cool Victorian-looking lamp posts all around, so I was able to get some longer-exposure ambient-light shots of the couple-- which turned out very sexy/romantic! Alma's gown was fantastic! Mermaid, ruched satin with a zillion tiny buttons and a brooch at the waist. The train flared and was simply exquisite when bustled.

This was a party crowd! They danced all night long... I can't hear "No One" by Alicia Keys without thinking of their sweet first dance(and if I'm not mistaken, their last as well).

Just for good measure... I threw in a picture of Stevan's Aggie Groom's Cake. GIG 'EM, AGGIES! WHOOP! I joined in when they all sang the War Hymn ; )


Lawfrog said...

LOVE all the photos, but especially the ones of the rings. So beautiful.

ME! said...

Thank you! The rings are one of my favorite pics... I also love the one of Alma holding her dress train and walking through the breezeway.

Karmen said...

AMAZING JOB!!!! The photos are BEAUTIFUL!!!