Friday, July 4, 2008

Sandy & Josh

Sandy & Josh were married at Butler's Courtyard , an interesting, cozy, romatic property in League City with lots of sweet Victorian details.

This was the most colorful-silly-fun-crafty wedding I have ever had the pleasure to shoot; also one of the more emotional. Sandy made all of her own decorations, right down to the beautiful paper flowers that adorned the ceremony and reception areas-- her bridesmaids even carried paper floral bouquets. Her petticoat was dyed a bold purple, and she wore sashes in varying shades of blue.

I was in color HEAVEN with this wedding... right down to the bride's shoes. Sandy's take on "ruby slippers" was the most darling pair of blue-green glittery heels you ever saw (admittedly, the only pair of blue-green glittery heels I have ever seen).

Pre-ceremony, the bride and groom wanted to hold hands for a quick picture of anticipation, where they were touching one another but couldn't see one another. The moment turned very emotional-- which set the tone for the ceremony.

As the reception began, guests found brightly colored paper florals and Cadbury Creme Eggs adorning their tables in the beautifully chandeliered ballroom. There was dancing, dancing, more dancing... a quick somewhat impromptu lip-synch routine to "Blaze of Glory"... and at some point the bride tossed the sparkling slippers for her comfy pair of black Chuck Taylor's that were waiting in the wings.


Lawfrog said...

I love how colorful this wedding was! So different from the basic wedding colors most people choose.

Harmony said...

That looks like such a fun wedding!