Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lauren & Lindsey

Lauren, 8 months, and her big sister Lindsey had me over to their home for some portraits not too long ago. It was "really" Lauren's 8-month portrait session, but we wanted to get a few of the girls together as well. Their mom does such a great job of dressing them in simple, not-too-fussy outfits that photograph beautifully.

Lauren is... expressive. She's one of those babies with a million different little looks, and she is mostly happy-happy-joy-joy when I'm around her. Lindsey is full of things to say, things to do, things to show you! Both girls have amazingly deep blue eyes and gorgeous rosy cheeks. Little cherubs, both of them.

I had to laugh as I was finishing up the session with Lauren and I saw Lindsey with her favorite well-loved stuffed bunny (whose name I believe is "Rabbie"), kind of pouting at not being the center of attention for the moment. I caught her, and got her giggling a little bit; and was able to catch a cute little candid moment of her with her head on the ottoman laughing.

I always look forward to working with this family, and look forward to watching the girls grow!

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Jessatsea said...

awhhh these two sisters just epitomize "sisters"... how cute are they!!! :)
thank you for sharing their beautiful smiles and those gorgeous eyes!