Monday, February 4, 2008

Regina & Jheri

Regina and Jheri were married at Bella Terrazza in a beautiful Sunday-afternoon ceremony. Both are New Orleans transplants, and the details showed it! Now I am all about bright color, but I'd never have been able to envision maroon and lime green going so very well together. Perhaps it's the Aggie in me, maroon goes with white, and white only, right? It was actually very nice. Sort of Christmassy, yet not. Very cool and contemporary.

At any rate, the details of this wedding were so much fun! They had hand-painted Mardi-Gras beads made with their names and dates... custom Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars in their wedding colors and with their wedding date along the back of the shoe (one "formal" pair for ceremony, and a more colorful pair for reception)... personalized M&M's in tins with personalized stickers on the bottom... and a delicious assortment of treats to eat like potato-tini's and white Russian milkshakes. MMMMM!

Aside from all of the fun details, I think the most memorable thing about this wedding was the vows. They were so beautiful, and I felt as though they were words I might have written (or thoughts I have felt) with my own husband in mind. Regina & Jheri were nice enough to allow me to photograph their rings with the papers on which their vows were written, and as I was editing the images afterwards, my eyes teared up again when I read over them.

I also got to work, once again, with the fabulous Kelly Balfour of Eventology Weddings, who coordinated the event.

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