Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Digital SLR Bootcamp... err, Flip Flop Camp!

Interested in learning about the capabilities of your Digital SLR camera? I am thinking about having a little field trip/seminar for dSLR beginners, probably sometime during the month of March.

This will not be a "techniques of photography" type class, where you learn how to compose an award-winning photograph-- this will be a time for you to really get to know the capabilities of that piece of machinery you've just plunked down a large chunk-o-change for. Hands-on, questions-asked, etc. Like boot camp, only I won't bark any orders at you.

It will hopefully leave you NOT wanting to throw the dSLR out the window and go back to your little point-and-shoot... because after all, you bought that dSLR hoping for some much better shooting and the ability to have more control over your camera.

I've got to delve a little deeper into meeting places/cost and try to guage interest... so please leave a "comment" to this blog entry or fill out the contact form on my website if you are interested.

Also, let me know which of these dates might work best for you, and what type of camera you have.

March 16
March 29
March 30



Anonymous said...

Hey Kasey!

I'd love to participate! I would be available all three of those dates, but it would be better on March 29th or 30th.

Monica (aka stwprincess05)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to!

I have a canon rebel xti.

I'm available any of those days!

Cindy (cindyandscott)

Janelle said...

I would love to join you too, If I only lived out there. Hey who knows I might be out there. tears are now rolling down my cheeks.

Lisa (LisaK2B) said...

I'm in!! I am good for both Sundays! The 29th will not be good for me because I have to throw a bach party!! So if we have it on the 30th, I'll definitely be in flip flops. I have the Canon Rebel.

Kelly said...

I'm in!
I have a D40x.
I would prefer any day except the 16th.

Courtney said...

I would love to participate. I don't post on the nest much but I lurk often...and I love your blog :)

I have a Nikon D40

I'm free on the 16th or the 29th.

Courtney (corlee)

Anonymous said...

I sent you an e-mail message, but I never heard back from you. I hope that the workshop hasn't happened yet, if it hasn't I would love to participate!

I have a d40.

Janna (anna_j)

Allison Kathleen Photography said...

Hey Kasey! Long time no "see!" ... just to jog your memory, we were the couple you photographed who eloped in San Antonio back in '06 :)

I'm really trying to get into photography, got a couple Skill Building session lined up too! You can check out my blog for my work. I'd loooove to try out being a second (or 3rd) shooter for you one day. If you ever need any help with a session, please let me know!

Also, I wanted to see how this bootcamp went and if you were going to have any other sessions. I've got a Sony Alpha 100. I know it for the most part, but would like to see what tip you had.

Well, I'd love to hear from you. You can always email me at secretlyeloped (no space). Take care. -AKP