Sunday, February 1, 2009

OhMyGosh! It's Lance Berkman!

That's right folks, THE BIG PUMA himself!!!

So a giant mega-thanks to our architect, Peter Foxley, for throwing my name into the hat when he heard there was a need for a photographer to donate their services to shoot Lance Berkman of the Houston Astros (if you know me, you know that baseball season is my favorite season of the year... I was born during baseball season and regularly celebrate the day by going to an Astros game.. I gave my whole family personalized Astros shirts this Christmas).

Houston's First Presbyterian Church invited Lance to speak at a fundraiser for The Forge For Families (an organization that provides mentoring and promotes spiritual growth for families in Houston's Third Ward)... not only was there a silent auction with lots of goodies, but after Lance spoke there was a live auction for a few items-- the first of which was a family portrait with Lance Berkman himself! The winning family bid a pretty penny and were whisked away to the greenroom for a meet & greet, and of course a portrait session.

Lance was a genuine and entertaining speaker, touching on many personal experiences involving faith, spirituality, and personal growth. Once the family came through the doors backstage, he was very sweet-- greeting each of them with a handshake and introduction. After the portrait session was over, he was gracious enough to stay and sign shoes, shirts, and papers (whatever the kids could get their hands on).

I'd also like to thank the lovely Kristin Foxley for showing us around, and helping me get where I needed to be for the evening. The Presbyterian Women and Women's Ministry sure throw quite the party! My family and I enjoyed ourselves and were very happy to be a part of the event.

Here are the generous and lucky winners! (But first, a shot of the big screen during the auction)...

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Action Jackson said...

Lance Berkman is totally awesome. A sweet, genuine, funny guy. He comes to Methodist employee "Astros Day" and always makes a few employees' day. Awesome that you were chosen as the photographer for this benefit!