Thursday, January 29, 2009

Joyce & Guy

Joyce and Guy had a sweet, intimate ceremony on the beach in Galveston this past December. We were right across Seawall Boulevard from the Hotel Galvez, and to the west was the Flagship Hotel and the remains of several buildings that had been torn from their pier foundations by Hurricane Ike this fall. It was great to be there, great to see things returning to normal, great to see good old Rev. John Bostock again (who weathered the storm in his residence in Downtown Galveston... evidently he had a giant fiberglass fish from Joe's Crab Shack wash up on his balcony).

But back to Joyce and Guy... such sweet, fun people. They showed up with friends and a cooler full of champagne (for a toast afterward). It rained all day and I think we were all scared there would have to be some sort of Plan B... but much to my surprise as I drove to the beach... the sun came out and shone on them for their entire ceremony. It was one of those beautifully lit situations where we've got a dark and ominous sky in the background, but pretty soft light falling on the people. Add to that Joyce's long, flowing red hair and you've got the stuff dreams is made of!

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Lil Miss K's Mommy said...

who knew Galveston could be so pretty.