Thursday, December 6, 2007

Beautiful People, Ugly Weather.

Chris and Mollie took a heck of a road trip to make it down to the beach for Engagement Portraits-- and boy did it pay off. Despite the horribly rainy/gloomy weather (and should we mention the horrid traffic?), they were determined to make it happen and were SUCH great sports! I spent a great deal of time shooting with an umbrella over my head and camera, but we couldn't be happier with the results. Kudos to Mollie and Chris, who weren't afraid to explore the stinky back alleys of downtown Galveston to find some very unique photo opportunities.


Laura B said...

These really bring me back. I grew up in bayou Vista so i recognise that tree and marsh ( and still want to do a bridal there) and we did some TTD photos in that same alley by the strand. AND i have always loved that little door by the jr. league building/ Galveston Arts Center building. When I was a kid that used to be a clothing store. And the Honey Moon club, well just dont take your couples inside......hahahahaha

Bia said...

I came through your blog and I completly loved it. I love photography I am not too good though. You are a great photographer. These pictures are beautiful.