Monday, December 10, 2007

Angela & Michael

Happy first month-a-versary to Angela & Michael!

They were recently married at the gorgeous Annunciation Church in Downtown Houston (the reception followed at the Houston Club). Everyone at this wedding was sooooooo sweet, and I felt like I was amongst my own family. They had a red/black/white theme that was executed beautifully; right down to the black feathers and deep red roses (one of my favorite images from the wedding was taken on the way out of the church-- there were some colorful leaves in the gutter, and along with them was a single black feather from someone's bouquet). You'll find more of their pics in "The Rings" below.

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Linda said...


I want to say thank you from the depths of my heart, for capturing such beautiful and creative shots of Angela and Michael's wedding!! Your work is so unique and I now fully understand the cliche' "Pictures never lie" there was so much love evident in those shots, that they will undoubtedly endure a lifetime and beyond showing the legacy of their love. Priceless.

Linda Schulle