Friday, August 19, 2011

Adobe Lightroom for Beginners! Saturday, September 17 at 9 am & 2 pm

I will be hosting an Adobe Lightroom 3.0 instructional workshop for beginners on Saturday, September 17.  The cost to attend is $145 (includes lunch), which must be paid to reserve your seat.  The workshop will run from about 9a-1p, and if necessary we will run a second session from 2-6p.  Location: 4119 Montrose, Suite 310, Houston 77006 (aka my studio).

I will fill the early session FIRST, and if we have enough demand run the second session.


Material we'll cover:
  • Why we use Lightroom, and how it can change your life
  • What Lightroom can do vs. Photoshop
  • Basic Lightroom use in processing both RAW and JPG image files
  • Importing photos
  • Culling/Selecting images to keep
  • Editing White Balance
  • Editing Exposure
  • Vignettes
  • Curves
  • Using Presets
  • Cropping
  • Flagging, Rating, and creating Quick Collections
  • Exporting/Saving image files

You may bring your laptop and follow along, but my suggestion is that you leave the computer at home for this workshop and take it all in!  I will be working through several objectives.  My goal for this workshop is to have you watch Lightroom in action, in real time, and see what kinds of things you can do.

If some of the terms above are foreign to you, don't worry.  Photography is a visual art and many people aren't familiar with the specific vocabulary-- but through observation most people "get it".

For the morning session, we'll arrange lunch to be brought in around 11:00 (most likely from Niko Niko's), and for the afternoon session around 5:00.

  • Send me 2-3 images you've taken that you'd like to see me edit (they need to be your images).
  • Monkey around in Lightroom if you have the software!  You'll still be able to get plenty out of this workshop if you don't own the software.
  • Look at your images, and think about how you'd change them.  This way, you can ask me about making those modifications.
  • Note-taking supplies (computers are not necessary, and not recommended)

  • Contact Monkey Tree Photography via e-mail or phone (713.501.8814) to book.  If you call, please have your credit card number handy so that your seat can be reserved!
  • Check or cash payments are welcome, but must be paid in advance.  Due to the very limited availability... once paid, no refunds will be issued if you choose to cancel on the workshop.

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