Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lindsay & Matt's Wedding

Lindsay & Matt are a fabulously dynamic couple of movers and shakers!  My experience with them was different in that I dealt mostly with Matt where our planning was concerned—he’s in logistics, which is a pretty big deal when planning the biggest day of your life so far!  Everything went beautifully thanks to his hard work, and the help of the couple’s friend Lydia, who coordinated the day once Matt was able to hand over the reigns.

In particular, I watched Matt finish up the arrangement of the place cards… each of them perfectly balanced on a tiny key lime.  I have no idea how he made this happen, but it looked amazing!

I stopped over at Galveston’s historic Tremont House hotel for Lindsay’s getting-ready shots, and enjoyed the company of her bridal party.  She and Matt opted to do a “first look” (the bride and groom have a “reveal” prior to the ceremony, see one another, and take private pictures together) at Ashton Villa, which was set up for the reception.  The ballroom is a soft pale yellow with windows all around, so the couple was bathed in natural light for their portraits together.  Combined with the Victorian grandeur of the historic home, it’s a photographer’s dream… and we captured some beautiful moments as the bride and groom saw one another for the first time.

The ceremony at St. Joseph’s was a packed house with loving family and friends on hand!  Lindsay works in the mayor’s office, so Annise Parker and her wife Cathy were among the guests.  Matt and Lindsay were a little nervous and a lot happy as they exchanged vows and rings, then had their first kiss as husband and wife, and strolled down the aisle beaming.

The reception was fantastic, the cake delicious, and the music and dancing went on all night long.  Each table was decorated with the cutest little wire birds, topiaries, and colorful postcards.  The florals were a happy spring yellow!

I’ll probably always remember Lindsay’s father stepping up to give his toast.

He looked around and said something to the effect of, “Before I begin, I lost something… I need everyone to look around.  There was a little girl running around in a Wonder Woman t-shirt, about six years old… I could swear I saw her just a moment ago…”  then looked over at his daughter, pride beaming from his eyes, a tear falling from hers. 

It made me cry a little : )

Congratulations, kids!  Many wishes for a wealth of happiness together over the years.


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