Sunday, June 19, 2011

Christmas in July! (and maybe August)

Have you always wanted to send out gorgeous Christmas cards, on beautiful paper, custom-designed using a great professional picture?  Of course you have... but that kind of thing takes time, and the holidays are SO busy that you never seem to be able to get something like that together with all of the shopping, parties, extra mall traffic, and crazy schedules.

Believe me, I'm the same way... which got me thinking, hey, Hobby Lobby puts out the Christmas stuff in July.  Let's take care of the Holiday card hubbub during the summer-- kids are out of school, scheduling tends to be a little easier, and it won't be freezing outside!  As an added bonus, you can have your beautiful cards and envelopes ready to go before the turkey's carved on Thanksgiving.  Everyone will wonder HOW you do it, and you won't have to stress when it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

I bought that cute zebra bench with you in mind.  I've got some beautiful card templates waiting patiently for families to fill their frames.  I've picked out a few spots around town that should be easily accessible, kid friendly, pet friendly, with ample parking.  I've even taken the guesswork out of "when" by offering some mini-sessions on certain dates!

You can always schedule a regular full portrait session and receive a discount on Holiday Cards when your order is placed before October... but with these "mini" sessions, the goal is to get one GREAT shot of the whole group.  If your family rocks it out and has several amazing shots, you can still order prints for yourself and as gifts.  

Mini-sessions will be offered on the following dates in the following areas:

Friendswood:  July 14 & 16 (Thursday and Saturday)

Cypress:  July 28 & 30 (Thursday & Saturday)

Galveston and Central Houston locations/dates may also be scheduled, so if those areas are more convenient for you, just let me know!

Sessions are $195 (due at the time of booking), will last 30 minutes, and include 50 custom-designed flat cards (cool shapes available!) with return-addressed envelopes.  We can also make postage stamps using your photos, and arrange to have them addressed and/or stamped for you.

Your shoot will take place at a pre-determined outdoor location and time, probably in the early morning or evening.  Lasting 30 minutes, our goal for the session is to get one great group shot for your holiday cards this year (like the cute family above! Couch included!).  More group shots and combinations can be shot if time allows.  I promise to do a blog about wardrobe choice before these session times roll around... because I KNOW you're all wondering what on earth to wear.

After your shoot, we'll schedule a convenient consultation time, where you'll choose the type of card, size, shape, and image you'd like to use.  You can also order prints at this time if you'd like.

Your consultation is scheduled separately a) because the shoot is taking place outside and b) because I understand that you might not want your whole family trying to be the boss of you when you're choosing the image and card design!  Once the holidays roll around and you realize you might need more than your original order, it's no problem to order more.

Time slots for each location are limited, so please contact us soon!  

Last but not least... I am 100% animal-friendly, so please don't hesitate to include your furry family members.  I promise to do a blog about wardrobe choice before these session times roll around.

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mbotkin said...

So upset that we were out of town for both weekends! If you decide to do another one in August (or later), hopefully we'd be around this time!