Thursday, April 2, 2009

Marcie & Ed... triumphing over rain!

Like most brides, Marcie was reallllly excited about taking her engagement portraits with her husband to be... but there was one problem, thunderstorms (we'd planed an outdoor downtown session). Did that stop Marcie? Oh no it did not. She went out and bought some cute rain boots and umbrellas because she was not going to let a little thing like the weather keep her from having fun and taking some great pictures! I will admit, I was looking a little forward to shooting in the rain (though I assure you my camera gear was not).

And now... Marcie has some cute rain boots and umbrellas that she never had to use for the photo session-- because the rain stopped miraculously just in time for the shoot. It was absolutely perfect weather for photography; my infinitely flattering and shadow-free diffused light coming through the cloudcover. A gift from the heavens. We must have allll done something nice that day!

I'm not gonna lie... it was cold. It was reallllly cold. It was somewhat reminiscent of me and my husband's trek out to the Las Vegas Red Rocks one December evening with Studio ATG (we had some really cool portraits done of us). Girl in dress freezing her rear off, changing clothes, walking around in giant high heels, grabbing for the overcoat every time we weren't shooting... Freezing assistant... Photographer jumping up and down to keep warm from time to time. Hey, it's great for snuggly-couple pictures, though. Nobody's makeup is melting on days like this.

I have to say it was worth it! Marcie is thrilled with the images, and so am I. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I think there is basically no such thing as "too much" where happy color is concerned; bright popping colors are my favorite kind of eye candy. Eureka, I have found it-- one of the most colorful places in Houston to shoot! Discovery Green Park. Not only are there these great little buildings that house the parking garage stairs (Synchronicity of Color), but the fun Jean Debuffet Monument au Fantome sculpture that used to be over on Louisiana. Among other things, I also enjoyed the big sloping hill o' yellow snapdragons.

We went over to Main Street as well, for a little of "the usual", which alwasy turns out well with the lovebirds. Warren's Bar is truly one of my favorite classic backdrops-- I love a bright green wall. Hear that Warren? Don't you even think about re-painting my wall a different color!

One final note-- please do your best to notice Marcie's shoe wardrobe throught the session. She brought a suitcase of shoes. A SUITCASE! Kindred souls, we are. If only I could take a whole suitcase of shoes every time I travel.

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