Monday, August 25, 2008

Jack's Back! 9-month portraits.

It seems like just yesterday I was meeting little baby Jack for the first time, when in fact it's been 6 months! He is growing like a weed and getting more and more expressive with those big beautiful eyes of his.

I just love this age... they're so interactive and curious and can be such happy little people, but they can't quite run away from you yet, which makes for a much easier portrait session, hahah! They can crawl away, though-- don't think he didn't try! They're also so sweet and squishy for Mommy-hugs. In Jack's case, he also likes to put his chubby little hands all over Mommy's face and feel her kisses.

I couldn't give you Jack without including at least one so-sad face, because when you're this darling, even your sad faces are cute cute cute!

Without further ado, heeeere's Jack (I also snuck in a few of his beautiful Mommy!).

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