Monday, August 25, 2008

A Brand New Man... Landon, 5 weeks

There's just nothing in the world like a newborn baby... so much promise in one tiny little package.

Suzanne and Travis ooh'd and awww'd over that little guy just like you'd imagine, and I was able to get not only some lovely portraits of them, but also some "lifestyle" type candids of Mommy & Daddy just being who they are, caring for their newborn son, doing what you have to do.

This session was shot in their home, using only window light. I like this technique for babies because everyone's most comfortable in their own surroundings, nobody had to pack up anything and drive to me, and everyone's literally "at home". Looking back at these pictures someday, they'll be able to say "That was your first home".


Anonymous said...

I am the luckiest woman in the world! I have a gorgeous daughter, a wonderful son in law and my grandson is just as perfect as he can be!

These pictures are wonderful!!!

Lawfrog said...

I had the privilege of meeting this precious little guy a couple of weeks ago. Landon is just the sweetest thing and so adorable. These pictures did a good job of capturing him and his family.