Friday, January 4, 2008

So I'm back from vacation...

Well, my husband, the kids and I took off for Walt Disney World on Christmas morning. The trip had been postponed several times, but finally we made our way there and had an absolutely wonderful time. After allll that anticipation, Disney lived up to our expectations!

I wanted it to truly be a vacation and be an enjoyable time for all of us, so I didn't drag any of my usual cameras and multiple lenses and tripods along to the theme parks... Besides, I'd never enjoy a roller coaster wondering if my camera and lens were safe and sound in the "cargo bag" of my coaster (have you SEEN those things? no way!). Everything here was shot hand-held with my trusty Sony Cybershot that my husband gave me as a Christmas gift four years ago-- and it still performs well after all the abuse and bottom-of-the-purse life it's lived.

What you'll see below are several of my favorite memories from Disney World's Magic Kingdom (Cinderella's Castle decked out in holiday lights!), Disney MGM Studios park (the crazy Main Street USA Christmas light spectacular), and our hotel staff-- who lovingly created a friend for my daughter's "Bunny", and tucked my son's Stitch and Stitch Jr. in with "Blankey" each time they made the beds (We can't say enough wonderful things about Disney's Contemporary Resort and the staff there, especially Kristin from Jupiter, FL who calmly and happily helped us out in a particularly difficult situation when we encountered a computer glitch with our reservations). That green thing is a Sea Monster made entirely of Lego's (Downtown Disney)! Last but not least... one picture from the Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center.

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Dennis Bullock said...

These are amazing! We went to Disney World a few years back but I have to go during Christmas now!