Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Tree of Love: Help Us Spread the HAPPY on Valentine's Day!

Welcome to the inaugural year of the Tree of Love... whether you love Valentine's Day, or despise it and call it a greeting-card-holiday, I challenge you to find a good reason not to support this effort : )
Let me start by saying WE DON'T WANT ANY MONEY. 

This is all about goodness of the heart, and a coordinated effort to make someone's day.

A sweet friend of mine knows a family that, like lots of others, has been fighting and keeping their heads up through what's been a really rough emotional couple of years; a time when most twenty-something parents are enjoying their healthy kiddos and watching them grow.  She thought to herself... hey, what if they received a giant box of handmade, handwritten cards on Valentine's Day this year?  What if she enlisted the help of some friends? 

What she didn't expect was for it to be so well-received, and for this gal to take it and run with it.

After Valentine's Day, I'll reveal the family's situation here on the blog... but until then, it's got to be on the down-low so they don't find out : )  I can't link directly to them because they might figure out what's up.

This would be an excellent project for a class at school, an informal sorority or fraternity social, a mom's group/playgroup, Sunday school class, or even a craft night get-together for friends... but don't underestimate the power of ONE.  One card is plenty!  I'll look at scheduling a day when you can come by my studio and make a card if you'd like.

STEP 1: E-mail for an auto-response where you'll get the names of the people in this family, and some info about their situation.

STEP 2: MAKE SOME CARDS!  Everyone's welcome.  The cards can be silly, religious, sweet, lighthearted, uplifting, inspirational, wordless, whatever you want.  We simply ask that you keep it clean and resist the urge to be creepy.  CRAFTERS OF ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS are absolutely welcome.

STEP 3: GET THE CARDS TO ME BY SUNDAY FEBRUARY 5!  You have several options:

Mail your cards to the following address:

Monkey Tree Photography
3118 FM 528 #337
Webster, TX 77598

This is a P.O. Box.  Please don't drop off cards at this location!

Drop your cards at either of my office locations... I don't keep regular hours, but you can slip them under the door if you'd like.  If you have a large amount of cards, just let me know and we can coordinate a dropoff time.

Monkey Tree Montrose:
4119 Montrose, Suite 310, Houston TX 77006

Monkey Tree Friendswood:
Roberts Business Park, 306 S. Friendswood Suite C, Friendswood TX 77546

STEP 4: Pat yourself on the back, because this is awesome, and you made the decision to be a part of it.  You are personally responsible for putting a smile on the face of some people. 

STEP 5: Do this again next year... keep an eye on the blog of facebook page for details!


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Lynda Mills said...

My friend's 4th grade class has taken this project and another friend has taken it for Student Council to do.
Thanks for the opportunity for these children to "give".

Kasey said...

Thank you so much Lynda!