Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hunter & Veronica's Wedding

Hunter and Veronica were married outdoors on the banks of Lake Houston on a sunny blue-sky afternoon, at Chimichurri’s  South American Grill.  The restaurant was closed to other patrons on their wedding day, providing an upscale atmosphere and delicious feast for the wedding guests… and lots of beautiful places for me to shoot this beautiful couple together.

With deep shades of orange and purpley maroons, the wedding décor blended flawlessly into the surroundings… much to the surprise of this Aggie, who believes that maroon and orange never really go all that well together ; )

Veronica was stunning in her wedding gown!  Her accessories were vintage-inspired and gorgeous, adding just the right amount of sparkle to her ensemble.

After an exit through rose petals, the new Mr. and Mrs. were off!  One of my favorite quirky shots from the wedding is that of Hunter’s mom and Veronica’s mom hugging one another, sitting on the couch with their shoes off.  It’s clear that both families were so excited for this event… and so happy for the day to be done.

I’m excited to say that this isn’t the last I’ll see of them—I’m shooting Hunter’s sister Channing’s wedding next spring!

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Unknown said...

Great wedding with grand arrangement. Amazing pics nice work of photographer no doubt. He makes bride more beautiful :)

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