Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Position Available: Part-time Design & Administrative Assistant

I'm looking for a general office assistant type person who is also... perhaps really great at scrapbooking.  This would be a great "a little extra money" job for someone who either works evenings, has kids in school, or just needs something to do.  You will be working out of my home office a majority of the time-- a supremely casual environment.

If you are currently looking for a full-time job, but want something to fill your gap, I'd appreciate if you did not apply for this position.

Who: Someone capable of working quietly, diligently, and efficiently.  Someone with great organizational skills, a pleasant demeanor, and a kind phone voice.  Someone who's cool with a couple of cats jumping on the desk occasionally (I can provide a spray bottle if necessary) and is not afraid of/allergic to dogs.  Someone who isn't easily flustered and is relatively self-directed.   Criminal background check required.

What: Basic album design (I'll teach you to use my simple program), entry of receipts into Excel, sorting, mailing, returning simple phone calls, confirming appointments.  On occasion, running errands.  Being positive and drama-free, wheeee!  

When: As needed (probably at least once a week).  Being able to work on short notice is a plus.  You will need to be available regularly during school hours-- most work will be done between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Where: Most of the time, at my home office in Friendswood.  On rare occasion, at my studio on Montrose near Richmond (but rarely).

Why: Because I can't do it all!  Small business is wonderful, but... busy.  You can probably guess that this position offers no benefits, other than working with little old me.

How: Please e-mail resume/qualifications to with e-mail subject "Design/Admin" (please, oh pretty please do not call).  I apologize in advance, but like the shoot assistant position, I will not be able to respond to most of the applicants... you'll probably only hear from me if you're called in for an interview.

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Emily said...

Oh, that would be such a fun part time job!