Friday, September 10, 2010

Maddie and her Family on the Beach

Maddie's Mommy contacted me to schedule a portrait session for a couple of reasons... the most important being that Maddie's Nana would be moving out of state soon, and really wanted to have a shoot with the whole family. The happier occasion-- it was Maddie's first time visiting the beach!

These guys were troopers, waking up well before sunrise to get to the beach at my requested time of 6:52 a.m. all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It's always great when clients respect my advice about light and time of day. Since it was August and very, very warm outside I suggested we get started early so that we could avoid the heat as much as possible (and harness the beautiful morning light). This is good not only for the mood of my portrait subjects... but also because we have longer to shoot before everyone begins to melt.

Maddie absolutely adored the soft dry sand near the dunes, and loved picking it up in her hands and letting it sift through her fingers : ) She studied the seagulls, walked with each of her family members, and eventually discovered the water.

We had an awesome session with some really great images as a result. I have several favorites, I can't pick just one. I would like to mention how well Mommy did with the wardrobe coordination! I'm not sure we cold have asked for nicer colors to go with the sky, the sand, and the beach grass with its yellow flowers. She even wrangled Daddy into wearing a coordinating color of shirt. Good job!

She and I were able to coordinate and get a couple of beautifully collaged prints in time for Nana's going away party the following Friday, and according to the reports everyone just loved them. Enjoy!

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