Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's like... making cookies from scratch... smelling them cooking... but not being able to take a bite.

So last week, my Mac flatlined (as my lovely friend Ren described it). The Mac is my editing computer-- it's where the magic happens. It's where the beauty, joy, and laughter emerges and is culled down to the best of the best.

I opened it up, waited for the chime and happy screen... but nothing. Just a little noise that sounded like it was trying to play a CD or something. Oh, river of tears. I took a trip up to the Mac store where I was informed that my sweet little computer had to go away for a week.

I needed a coke and some pretzel sticks to help me deal with the trauma. Auntie Anne's was there to oblige. Sweet and salty deliciousness were my only consolation. Gotta love the mall, man.

It's not that I'm missing data, or files or anything... all my images are backed up and safe. It's that my schedule has been thrown off because I'm left unable to proof/edit all of this beautiful work I've done for my clients, knowing how anxious they are to see their beautiful weddings, their beautiful babies, their sweet smiling children. Erasing all those blocks of editing from my calendar was a heart-wrenching process.

I have this stack of memory cards that's burning a hole in my pocket!!!!

It's like when you make a big batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Not slice-and-bake, people, the real deal. Artisan cookies, beautiful lumpy mounds of dough with Ghirardelli dark chips, organic flour, cage-free-chicken eggs. You've spent this time thinking about them, creating them, you just want to be able to TASTE them. You pull them out of the oven, smell that sweet aroma, pour yourself a giant glass of ice cold milk... sit down to a plate of them and your mouth is watering...

and then find that your cookies have to be away from you for a week or so.

I thrive on seeing my work take shape. I love shooting, I love manipulating the images on my screen, and I love LOVE love revealing them to my clients!

I'm going a little crazy with my post-processing powers having been taken away from me. On the bright side, my Mac should be back in my arms later this week, good as new! If you don't hear much out of me next week, it's because I'm on some sort of turbo-editing marathon session and can't stop to see the light of day ; )

I can't wait to show you Marcie & Ed's beautiful outdoor wedding and night of dancing... LaTrice & Dan's military sabre arch and Cinderella formals... Tyler, Zofia, and Aidan's sweet baby portraits... and more. I even did some "just get out and shoot what your lens finds" stuff last week. I shot some of my own textures! I want to play with them so badly!

At any rate, that's why you haven't heard much from me. I'm sure I'll be blogging like a crazywoman in a couple of weeks and you'll have plenty of eye candy. Patience, my dear grasshoppers.

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