Monday, September 22, 2008

In honor of Boudoir Weekend...

Here are some images of some of the gorgeous ladies I've had the privilege of photographing.

Boudoir photography has an allure all its own, mostly because my clients always have something in mind for their husband/fiance-- and the thrill of knowing how surprised he'll be when the photos are revealed makes our photo session that much more fun!

It's also an opportunity to see women come out of their shells and show them how incredibly beautiful they are : ) What's better than that?

I focus on what you love about yourself, and we don't mess with the problem areas that bug the heck out of you. I use light and shadows to dramatically define those curves that make you who you are, the woman he loves. The end result is a collection of gorgeous, sexy, private pictures that make both of you feel like you're on top of the world!

My philosophy is that "sexy" isn't about how much skin you're showing, it's about what your eyes are saying, what your body language is portraying. Whether you're wearing lingerie, his work shirt, a college t-shirt and boyshorts, nothing but your wedding ring, or wrapped in a sheet and laughing hysterically, your eyes and body communicate for you... and he understands. Modesty levels are completely dictated by my clients; they show as little or as much as they're comfortable with.

The following images are suggestive, not necessarily appropriate for viewing by all audiences or at work where others can see your monitor... Some faces have been concealed to respect the privacy of my clients.

For more information about Boudoir Weekend 2008, scroll down to the previous post!

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