Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just look at this little guy...

How cute is he? He's Ian, and he's just a little monkey full of sunshine.

Ian and his parents met me out at Hermann Park, where we had a mid-morning full of baby giggles and full-on belly laughs. Any photographer will tell you that in a park full of birds, trees, squirrels, dogs, and other kids it is no small feat to get the little ones to look at you (I am chopped liver compared to the ducks, folks)... but Ian was actually pretty easy to work with. He was full of expression! My favorite picture from the session was when Ian's mom and dad went in for some baby kisses and Ian happened to be looking right at me-- hopefully that one will show up on the wedding slideshow a few decades from now... hehehe.

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Jessatsea said...

what gorgeous eyes that little guy has. You did a great job capturing it!