Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Inaugural Blog

So I hear all the cool kids have a blog these days, and I'm jumping right on the bandwagon. I figure this will be a fun and frisky way to showcase some of my favorites, and keep my clients, friends, relatives, and industry associates informed as to what I've been up to lately.

I'm Kasey Marsh, owner and photographer with Monkey Tree Photography. I am based out of Friendswood, Texas (a southeastern suburb of Houston) so you will find a generous amount of beach fare among my collective works. On the business end of things, I shoot weddings and "early family portraiture". I say "early" family because I really don't shoot many large formal family portraits, and keeping my number-o-subjects down to a minimum allows me to better capture candid moments and relationships.

I am a huge fan of natural light. I love variety and color. I love old churches, new dresses, antique jewelry... and hearing the stories behind all the little choices my brides and grooms have made in planning their big day! I take the responsibility of photographing a wedding very seriously, and enjoy getting to know my clients beforehand.

It's also quite a privilege to be chosen as baby's first photographer-- there is nothing like those little tiny baby feet in mom or dad's big hand to remind us all where we started; how sweet and innocent new life is. Often expectant mothers will consult me for maternity portraits or "belly pics".

Moving right along to the infant and toddler world... I'm not big on props and "things" and fake backgrounds. I prefer a simpler setup, a non-cluttered image space, and a portrait where the child is the main attraction. Often, I am working portrait sessions with the same low-light camera equipment and directional light I use to capture the candid moments between brides and grooms on their wedding day! You'll find that many of my children's portraits have a more intimate feel to them than traditional portraiture, and you'll see a much broader range of emotion than your garden variety "say cheese!" poses and forced smiles. My mode of operation involves more sitting, interacting, playing with the child and meanwhile capturing all of their little smiles, giggles, perplexed glances, and sometimes even a few little tears.


erick pozos said...

Hi Kasey... Beautiful your blog... very elegant design..


erick pozos
veracruz, mexico

Anonymous said...


I Know that you are going to have so much fun!!!
Nice design and wonderful name, I love it!!!!

Gloria mesa

Kate said...


Fabulous blog! Your work is amazing and now you have a great home on the internets to show it off! Congrats,


Jessatsea said...

oh kasey, It's gorgeous. really showcases your spirit and your work.